Day Two

First Question: What did you do today?

Today, we will be doing the second part of the whole project, the extraction and identification of artificial colours (from candies). In this case, we used M&M candies. First off, we submerged a strand wool into a test tube filled with acetic acid (to remove the fluorescent dye) and heat it in a water bath for 10 mins. After the water bath, we took the piece of wool out and placed it on the tissue to dry. Meantime, we chose one colour each and take five candies of the same colour. For me, I chose sunset yellow (orange). We submerged the five candies with a chemical acetic acid that remove the colour layer of the candies. we then took out the candies and then put the wool into the solution to let the wool absorb the dye. The wool is positively charged, while the fluorescent dye in the solution is negatively charge. This will ensure no impurities are in the dye when doing the TLC analysis (chromatography). We put the test tube into the water bath again for another 10 mins. This time, when the wool is removed, it will be of that colour that we chose individually (for me sunset yellow). This time, we pour 3 ml of 5% ammonia solution into a new test tube and submerged the dyed wool inside. The dye will be transferred into the ammonia solution and then it is concentrated. We compared the standard colours with our extraction. 

Second Question: What did you learn today?

I learnt that a lot of different colours can be made with the basic of colours. I also learnt that artificial colours is only used enhance the appearance of the food to attract people's attention. There is no nutritional value in artificial colour. Law is placed so to make sure artificial colours did not pass the maximum amount. This, test is needed.

Third Question: How do you feel about today's activities?

I feel today's activities can be applied into the modern world. (It is already applied :P) as it is important nowadays. I hope that I can experiment about this more as I am very interested.

Fourth Question: What new questions do you have regarding the discipline? 

I think that my project team overall has been very enthusiastic in the whole programme generally. In terms of the last part of the day today, we are very noisy and tend to speak a lot. Dr Bonanni have been a very good lecturer and not to mention the Teacher Assistants too (NTU Students). Well, I don not really have any questions regarding discipline.

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