First Question: So is caffeine a drug? Is it harmful?

For me, caffeine is proved to be a drug as it affects body processes. Common drugs like heroin, Ice and much more are similar to caffeine. However in caffeine's case, caffeine can be taken in moderately such as in tea and coffee, but not in large amounts. (Consuming pure caffeine will probably kill you.)

Second Question: What sounds interesting in this project?

There lots of new lab equipments that I have never seen before and I will be using them throughout the three days in NTU, I am very excited yet scared that I will break them. I am also curious to see how pure caffeine is like. I am also curious to experiment with new equipment as I look forward to the first day of NTU Flagship programme.

Third Question: What do I think that I can learn from this project?

I think I can learn how pure caffeine can be extracted from a cup of tea (with several bags of tea) by going through a lot of steps and new terms and ways to do it. I also can learn the extraction of artificial colours other than the method i learnt when I was in Secondary One. 

Fourth Question: Any immediate questions regarding the project?

Not really :P

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